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The following is a list of centers from where Microsurgery Fellows and Residents will be invited. Please let us know if you would like your center added.

  1. UC San Diego Health

  2. UCI School of Medicine

  3. UC San Francisco

  4. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Breast Reconstruction and Microsurgery Fellowship

  5. Indiana University School of Medicine

  6. Washington University in St. Louis

  7. Keck Medical Center

  8. Advanced Reconstruction & Microsurgery Fellowship

  9. Breast and Microsurgical Reconstruction at Mercy Medical Center

  10. Buncke Clinic Microsurgery and Hand Surgery Fellowship

  11. Buncke Clinic Microsurgery Junior Fellowship

  12. Case Western Reserve Breast, Body, and Microsurgery Fellowship

  13. Christine M. Kleinert Institute

  14. Cleveland Clinic Microsurgery and Breast Reconstruction Fellowship

  15. Cleveland Combined Hand Fellowship

  16. Fox Chase Cancer Center Microsurgery Fellowship

  17. Guy's & St.Thomas Hospital Microsurgery Fellowship

  18. Hand / Microsurgery Fellowship, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

  19. Hand and Microsurgery Fellow

  20. Hand, Upper Extremity & Microvascular Surgery

  21. Integrated Reconstructive Microsurgery and Craniomaxillofacial Fellowship

  22. International Fellowship Program in Microsurgery

  23. Johns Hopkins Microsurgery Fellowship

  24. LSU Microsurgery Fellowship

  25. Mayo Clinic Hand Surgery Fellowship

  26. McMaster University Reconstructive Microsurgery Fellowship

  27. MD Anderson Cancer Ctr. Microvascular Reconstructive Surgery Fellowship

  28. Medical College of Wisconsin Microsurgery Fellowship

  29. MGH Hand Fellowship

  30. Microsurgical Breast Reconstruction

  31. Midwest Institute of Microsurgery, University of Kansas Medical Center

  32. New York Breast Reconstruction Alliance Microsurgery/Breast Fellowship

  33. NYU Plastic Surgery Microsurgery Fellowship

  34. Orthoplastic and Limb Salvage Surgery Fellowship (NA)

  35. Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery at Mercy Microsurgery Fellowship

  36. Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Fellow

  37. Plastic Surgery of the Hand

  38. Reconstructive and Aesthetic Breast Surgery Fellowship

  39. Rochester Microsurgery Breast Reconstruction

  40. Stanford Microsurgery Fellowship

  41. The Division of Plastic Surgery at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center - Microsurgery Fellowship

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