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The following are potential topics to be covered during the course:


  • The Paralyzed Hand and the Amputee

  • Management of The Paralyzed Face 

  • Sensory DIEP Flaps

  • Preparing the DIEP Flap Recipient Pocket

  • DIEP Flap Design

  • The Battle of the DIEP Flap Harvest Methods: Minimally-invasive vs Robotic vs Conventional

  • Flaps for Breast Reconstruction

  • Head and Neck Flaps 

  • Bone Flaps in Extremity Reconstruction

  • Intraoperative Imaging in Lymphatic Microsurgery

  • RPNI vs TMR

  • Optimizing aesthetics of the reconstructed breast and the donor site

  • Advances in Extremity Sarcoma Reconstruction

  • Microsurgical Burn Reconstruction

  • Lower Extremity Coverage Best Practices

  • Immediate Lymphatic Reconstruction

  • Phalloplasty

  • Bone Regeneration (LE)

  • Contemporary Treatment of the Mangled Upper Extremity


  • Academic vs Private Practice

  • Seeking Fair Reimbursement for Microsurgery

  • Junior Partner – Best Practices and Lessons Learned

  • Creating an Efficient Practice: From the Office to the OR

  • Fundamentals of Medical Employment and Consulting Contracts

  • Getting Involved Externally: Societies and Industry

  • Developing a Referral Network

  • Billing and Coding 

  • Time Management and Burnout

  • Establishing your Reputation: Social Media, Advertising, and Outreach

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